Happy National All is Ours Day!

all is ours

Isn’t it amazing to think that we can do anything? Everyone has heard, “if you set your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t do!” So I was doing some soul searching during class today (when I should have been paying attention)… and I am so lucky. Absolutely beyond blessed! I have an amazing boyfriend, new friends, I’m studying things I love, I have a family that looks out for me, a God that loves me unconditionally, and the possibilities for my life are endless. Sure, my dad thinks music will get me no where and French is a waste of brain power when I could be a lawyer or an accountant… but you know what? I have so many wonderful opportunities and I’m going to take them all!If they don’t work out, then I’ll switch it up and go the safest way, but first why not give it a shot? Follow my dreams and love what I’m doing? Look how huge this city is, with so many successful people, how can I not be one of them.

Today I am absolutely celebrating by listening to French music, practicing my scales, and not giving up. All is ours! I hope everyone directs their lives for their dreams and realizes it’s never to late to do what you love. Go ahead, celebrate because every day is a holiday.



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One response to “Happy National All is Ours Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    You have such a beautiful sweet spirit. After just hearing sad news about someone who didn’t have your positive outlook on life and gave up, you renewed my vision for a successful future. You go, girl! That’s MY girl and I’m so lucky to know and love you!

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