Happy National Tell a Lie Day



Today is a little tricky for me for a couple reasons. 1) 10 commandments and all that, 2) my conscience is killer, and 3) I’m a horrible liar. I did try though! I planned, deviously, to unload a massive lie onto my friend Nick but then the National Day was exposed and all the fun was taken out of it! Then later the fateful question, “are you busy tomorrow, or can you help me ____” was posed… Oh man, I tried so hard to lie. But no… Conscience:1; Carrie:0. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in myself, but hey! I did the right thing, right? Right? Lying is too much work anyway considering the stories and alibis you have to remember and then there’s dealing with the backfires. Although the cost of the truth is going to be painful and annoying, who knows how much worse the lie would be when they see me wandering campus and not on a train to Albany? 😉

I say let the truth come out and deal with what comes. So today I guess I just won’t celebrate, even though every day is a holiday.




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2 responses to “Happy National Tell a Lie Day

  1. Julie Buchert

    Great! I raised a kid with a conscience.

    Julie Buchert Sent from my iPhone

  2. Julie (mom)

    Ha! Ha! That was super funny Amy! I love you.

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